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What makes us unique?

We are Spencer Rides. Our mission is to make every moment special, and we achieve this by providing high-quality products that meet the highest standards of safety and fun. Whether you are organizing small events or a birthday party, a corporate event, a local fair or any special celebration, we are here to provide you with inflatable solutions that perfectly suit your business and customers.

  • Variety: From classic and colorful bouce houses to exciting themed inflatable games and challenging mechanical bulls, we offer a wide variety for all ages and tastes.

  • Safety: Safety is our number one priority. All our products meet rigorous quality standards and are reviewed to guarantee their functionality. We are manufacturers, not distributors.

  • Service: Our friendly and professional team is ready to help you every step of the process. We answer your questions and make sure your purchase is a total success.

Ask about our catalog and discover how we can bring inflatable fun to your next event. At Spencer Rides, we are your entertainment partners.


Thank you for contacting us!

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